Greetings In Christ

Welcome.  I began this Blog initially as a means to organize the many different versions and methods of Daily Prayers that I’ve come across on the internet into a format that is meaningful to me.  That collection currently resides on my Daily Prayers page, and will probably evolve somewhat as I go along.

When I began this journey back to a Liturgical structure to daily worship I did so because I realized that I had become spiritually dry due to my years of laziness in prayer, fellowship, and in reading God’s word.  I knew I had to do something to get back on track, so I began looking into how the Church throughout the centuries approached prayer and worship.  What surprised me was that, as an Evangelical, I was not alone in this pursuit.  I have discovered, and continue to discover, other Protestant and Evangelical movements and websites devoted to the practice of Praying the Hours.  I will likely include links to those sites as I go along in my journey as they seem appropriate.

One final word on this topic.  I fully believe that a person is saved by God’s Grace alone (sola gratia) through faith in Christ Jesus alone (sola fide), and that engaging in any form of structured prayer does not, in any way, merit God’s grace nor is it penance to merit God’s forgiveness. Rather, it can be done freely as a means to enhance one’s spiritual life and draw one closer to God.  It’s not the only way, but it’s the way I believe God is leading me in at this time.

My prayer is that, if you should stumble upon this blog, it would be a blessing to you as well.

In Christ,



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