Pope Francis

I find myself defending Pope Francis these days, though I haven’t considered myself Catholic in nearly 20 years. The world has become smitten with this man because he brings such a fresh face to the faith and models the heart of Christianity; which is the love of God manefested to the world thru Jesus Christ and the daily work of the Holy Spirit. Ironically,  there are many within Christianity,  both Catholic and non-Catholic who have problems with what Francis says and does because they seem so radical and un-Popelike. As someone who’s been on both sides of Christianity, I’m willing to give this man the benefit of the doubt whenever newspaper articles write something like “the Pope says it’s ok to be gay” or “the Pope says atheists will go to heaven”. Anybody who knows anything about Catholicism or orthodox Christian beliefs should know that those statements are not true at face value. Check it out. Read the whole story. If you have issues with the Catholic faith then so be it. But don’t blindly go around calling this man the antichrist or the false profit. Everything I’ve seen in this man models true Christianity more than those I see in the church on a weekly basis.  Is he perfect? No. He’d be the first to declare himself a sinner. Paul the apostle said the same thing about himself but still encouraged his readers to imitate himself as he strove to imitate Christ. Maybe God has given us such a man as Pope Francis to return the church to Christ-living. At this point I see him as someone we could imitate as we strive to draw closer to God. Give the man the benefit of the doubt. 


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